Five Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Get a Tattoo

They are all the rage in society these days.  From noted celebrities to everyday people in the street, tattoos have become an acceptable sight to behold.  They are no longer limited to cult members, motorcycle gangs and military personnel.  Tattoos have gone global. trans

Unlike the decision to buy a pair of shoes or a new coat, any of which can be easily discarded when the function or novelty has worn off, tattoos have a much greater degree of permanence in the life of the wearer.  Removal can be costly and uncomfortable.  Attempts to cover them over with additional ink designs can prove less than satisfactory.  Without a doubt, the best time to evaluate the decision to get a tattoo is long before actually setting foot in the tattoo parlor.  Here’s what you need to ask yourself before that first needle touches the skin.

  1. How much will it cost?  You should investigate and get as much information on the price as possible beforehand.  Going cheap is never a good idea.  There are health and safety concerns to consider.  Don’t put yourself at risk just to save a few dollars.  Also, it is worth the investment to pay for quality work.  Avoid homemade designs in favor of professional looking results.
  2. How do you decide which tattoo design to get?  A tattoo is a fairly permanent addition to your body.  You might want to avoid any tattoo displaying the name of the current partner in your love life.  After all, love can be fickle; tattoos are forever.  Also, any tattoo based on a currently popular character or event may be dated in a few years.  You could be stuck living in the past.
  3. Where should the tattoo be located?  Many people choose to place their tattoos on the back, arms or legs so they are visible to the outside world.  Always keep in mind that present or future employers may not view tattoos as an acceptable part of their company culture.  You might be wise to consider a less conspicuous location that can be covered successfully if necessary.
  4. Where can you go to find a reputable tattoo artist?  Don’t go online or to the Yellow Pages for this one.  Remember, you are literally putting your life on the line with this decision.  The tattooing process is somewhat invasive.  Do your homework before you take another step in this decision.  Talk to reliable friends.  Investigate any possible artists.  Visit the location before making a commitment.  Be on the lookout for any signs of uncleanliness or other possible health risks.  Ask to see pictures of previous work to get an idea about what you can expect your results to show.
  5. Have you thought about how the tattoo will look with the passage of time?  The body of a twenty year old goes through some strange morphing on its way to sixty-five.  This is no time to be shortsighted.  Much like marriage, the decision to get a tattoo will have an effect that will last a lifetime.  Haste will not work to your advantage in either decision.